Shelves and types of bottles

Datron Wine Coolers are designed to ensure maximum protection, presentation and storage of your bottles. Each wine cooler will have a different specification as to how many bottles they can fit and may vary according to your needs.

The sizes of the bottles mentioned refer to the 0.75 cl Standard Bordeaux bottle, however you can find on the market bottles of different sizes such as the Standard Burgundy bottle and the oversized Champagne.

All our wine coolers can hold any bottle diameter. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to remove some shelves to leave more space for larger bottles which will reduce the total capacity.

Our wine coolers can provide you with a wide range of configurations according to the number and variety of bottles you need to store.

– STANDARD BORDEAUX BOTTLE: All Datron wine coolers refer to the specific number of bottles for this category, the most common on the market, with a diameter of 75 mm and a height of 295 mm.

–STANDARD BURGUNDY: These bottles of 0.75 cl and a height of 300 mm have a larger diameter, 89 mm, and can be stored in all our standard wine coolers by removing a few shelves. Nevertheless, if you need to use all the space with Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles, we recommend the following models, which have a greater distance between each shelf. 

–OVERSIZED BOTTLES: We recommend for oversized bottles over 300 mm high and with a larger diameter our Wooden Wine Cooler line or the Luxury Show line for 40, 70 or 143 bottles. The shelves of these lines are different from normal wine coolers, providing maximum storage and display.


All our wine coolers are equipped with adjustable shelves that allow you to define the position and presentation of your bottles.

– Shelf Luxury Line for wine presentation: This type of tilted metal shelf, with a shaped wooden front panel, has the dual function of storage and wine display through the practical support. optional accessory





– Shelf for wine presentation: Removable beech wood shelf with dual function of rear storage and bottle presentation with optional accessory.





– Wooden Shelves Luxury Line for standing bottles: this shaped metal shelf with beech wood front is ideal for storing and presenting standing bottles or storing oversized or stacked bottles.

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– Anatomical Luxury Show shelf: This metal shelf with wooden front and rolling stainless steel rack is ideal for a perfect presentation of your bottles, placed on the practical anatomical tracks. It is also ideal for oversized bottles positioned in a comb-like arrangement, so that there is no need to remove shelves.