Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium
Medical Refrigerator Medium

Medical Refrigerator Medium

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- Single Temperature
- Mis. A. 905 x L. 600 x P. 550 - kg. 42

VAT included


VAT included



Datron | Medical refrigerator for pharmacies, parapharmacies, analysis laboratories, universities
and hospitals

Indispensable for professional areas, such as medical practices, pharmaceutical and hospital facilities,
pharmacies, laboratories.

Refrigerator for professional use, can be used in the entire medical sector: medical clinics, pharmaceutical
and hospital environments, pharmacies, parapharmacies, private laboratories, universities and hospitals.

Medium in size, suitable to be placed on any surface. The refrigerator is ideal for maintaining and storing
drugs and medicines. The temperature range extends from 4° C to 8° C, and can be easily set using the
user-friendly display.

White refrigerator with transparent glass door, light blue top. Integrated door handle. Interior with two
extractable and height-adjustable shelves and a large additional shelf on the bottom.

Alarm sensor function for undesired incidents such as door opening and internal temperature changes.
Key lock on the door.

Instructions for use

If the door is opened frequently, a vacuum effect can be created in the medical refrigerator. Remove the cylinder cap on the right side of the refrigerator, and the door opens again easily, and the seals will not be damaged. After closing the door, put the cap back in place.

Heat on the sides of the medical refrigerator is normal and indicates that the heat exchanger is working properly. Normal phenomenon: the heat generated on the sides of the medical refrigerator indicates that the condensation coil is working properly. Furthermore, when the medical refrigerator is used for the first time, or during the summer period, the compressor has to work longer to produce fresh air and consequently generates additional heat.
We recommend maintaining the correct distance between the device and the environment (wall, furniture) and always cleaning any dust accumulated on the back of the product. This contributes to proper cooling.

Datron is a leader in the refrigerator market thanks to its innovative systems.


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