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Wine Coolers for your home!

Wine Coolers for your home!


Wine coolers are no longer just a privilege for restaurants, but they now also inspire the interior design of many private homes.

They are mostly found in the kitchen, but they conquer the empty corners in the house, where no one looked anymore, or they are integrated into built-in furnitures to recover more space.


The number of wine enthusiasts is growing and with it the knowledge of the best possible way to store noble wines. There exist many reasons to buy a wine cooler, but first of all it is certainly the desire to keep the wine in an optimal manner. Here are some ideas on where to welcome a Datron wine cooler in your home.


Choose the elegance of stainless steel

The captivating design of these wine coolers is unique and they become real and proper furniture, able to integrate perfectly with the other interior design of your home. The stainless steel door version of the Datron wine coolers is an ideal solution for particularly minimalist and modern living styles, room for elegant and essential design lines.


The advantages of the island

When it comes to built-in a wine cooler, the installation of it in a kitchen island is certainly the master! The decision to built-in a wine fridge in a kitchen island fulfils many aesthetic, but above all, functional needs. If you choose to install a wine fridge under the sideboard, you can take advantage of a kitchen island. Everything is evident: a first-class solution that offers space for functionality.


The living room becomes a wine bar

The motto is? Freestanding! If you choose a freestanding wine cooler it will become an original piece of furniture. Positioned in an area such as the living room, the wine fridges transform to a sophisticated display cabinet, where you can exhibit your broad and beloved wine collections. A perfect solution to recreate a wine bar at home to receive friends.


Under the stairs: a precious resource

The space under the stairs is an option that should be fully utilised, if you want to install a wine fridge. Modern apartments are characterised by small dimensions and the staircase actually represents a considerable reduction of the available living space. With a few simple precautions the space under the staircase can be optimally utilised, making it a very useful corner. Depending on the available space, a wine cooler of the appropriate size can be installed. Did we give you the right inspiration to install your new wine cooler?


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