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Wine’s moisture: can I regulate it?

Wine’s moisture: can I regulate it?


The moisture of wine. Proper wine fridge, better wine.


Good wine, and which can be defined as such, requires all care and attention from harvesting to its storage in the wine cellar. The value of moisture in wine plays an extremely important role that is going to affect its storage. The humidity in the cellar is indeed closely linked to the choice of wine bottle closure, especially if it is made of cork. Once the wine bottles are positioned horizontally, the cork will inevitably come in contact with the wine in the bottle. A minimal air exchange between inside and outside of the bottle is unavoidable and also necessary.

The indoor humidity of Datron’s wine coolers varies from 65% to 75%.


Please note something very important: in Datron’s wine coolers, as in all other wine coolers on the market, it is not possible to regulate the indoor humidity. To protect the fine wine bottles, it is therefore important to have a constant control on the temperature, which must not be too high or have too much oscillating. Equally important is to pay attention to the following factors:


– Beach or mountain?

The surrounding landscape makes the difference! Needless to say, that seasonal temperatures strongly affects the use of a wine fridge. Here’s an example: if positioned inside a garage with a temperature of 2 ° C, a wine cooler will never reach higher internal temperatures than they are given from the outside. A wine fridge is not an oven!


– How often do you open the wine cooler door?

Open and close, open and close, open and close …. that’s how temperature oscillating starts. The door of the wine fridge should be kept open as short as possible. In this way you avoid creating significant temperature fluctuations and also save electricity.


– Dry bottles?

Always make sure the bottles inside the wine cooler are not wet. Due to the high humidity inside the fridge loading a wet bottle would form mould. This is why it is very important to maintain the wine cooler with a thorough cleaning once a month.


Do you still have questions about how humidity affects the wine storage?

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