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The magic of wine is destined to fade in short time!


The magic of wine is destined to fade in short time!

Therefore it is important to keep the organoleptic properties intact even after opening the bottle.

The solution? Wine dispensers: once the bottle has been opened, the dispensing system allows to keep the taste of the wine unchanged for several weeks.

The answer: nitrogen for food Widely used in the food industry, but especially in the wine sector its use is very common.

Nitrogen is an inert gas and it is heavier than air. When pumped into the bottle, it creates a protective layer between the wine and the environment.

Oxygen can’t pass and this consequently prevents the oxidation of the wine. Numerous laboratory tests have shown that the organoleptic characteristics of wine in a dispenser can be maintained for up to a month without there being any alterations to the product.

Remember … the wine is good and keeps its taste in time!

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