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You do not know which wine cooler you should choose?


You do not know which wine cooler you should choose? These three characteristics should be considered when buying a wine cooler.

1th CAPACITY It is advisable to consider first how much wine you want to store. There are many various models that can contain from 7 to 200 bottles. As a consequence of this fact the size of the wine coolers will differ too. There are coolers with the size of a microwave oven or with the dimensions of a wardrobe. Of course, the choice is based on the available space.

2nd BUILT-IN or FREESTANDING Where is the wine fridge going to be placed? It is very important to know if the wine cooler is going to be built-in or it may be positioned freestanding in some area of the house. In the first case, if we opt for an installation in the kitchen, living room or in some other particular corner niche, then we will certainly select a built-in version. On the contrary, if we place the wine fridge away from furniture and walls, we choose a freestanding model.

3rd THE TEMPERATURE There are models with single or dual temperature zone on the market. Dual zone wine coolers will be useful for those who want to store white and red wine, or to have one zone to devote exclusively for cooling and another zone to keep the wine which is going to be consumed immediately. Wine fridges with single temperature zone are perfect for all the wine connoisseurs, who want to store their wine in an optimal way.

Now you know how to choose the ideal wine cooler, but if you still miss some informations do not hesitate to contact us at +43 720775458

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