How to choose the right wine cooler?
Here are 3 aspects to consider when buying the right wine cooler.

It is worth considering first how many wine bottles you intend to keep. There are many different models that can hold from 7 up to 200 bottles. Consequently, also the size of a wine cooler will have different measurements. The range goes from a microwave oven size up to the spaciousness of a wardrobe. Of course, the choice is also made on the basis of the available space.

Where will the wine cooler go?
It is important to know, whether the wine cooler is intended to be installed in some furniture, or if it will be located freely in the house. If the wine cooler is placed in the kitchen, the living room furniture or a niche, then a built-in model should be chosen. If, on the other hand, the wine cooler is positioned away from furniture and walls, a free-standing model can be selected.

There are wine coolers with single and dual temperature zones. A dual temperature model will be useful when storing white and red wine bottles, or when one zone is dedicated to refrigeration only for direct wine consumption.
A single zone wine cooler instead is suitable for all wine connoisseurs who want optimally store their wines.