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Beer is alive!

Beer is alive!

Start with the idea of beer as a “living liquid”, and therefore it should be handled like this.

Beer should be treated as if it were a fine wine. Beer should not be exposed to brusque temperature changes, and a moderately cooled cellar is the best storage place.

Experience teaches that beer can be kept for months, or even years, and that its taste evolves and gets even more refined.

Many of the craft or homemade beers do not use additives or preservatives and are not subjected to heat treatment (pasteurization).

All these additional treatments prolong the “life” of beer only artificially. However, certain precautions are necessary to don’t remain in short time with undrinkable beer. In any case, it’s indispensable to store the bottles in the dark in order to avoid taste damage caused by light.

For other types of beer there is no better place to be than a good beer cooler, from where to consume your beer as quickly as possible.

These are just general indications, you should conserve every type of beer according to its regulations, and pay attention to the storage temperature.

Today Datron proposes the beer cooler dedicated to all beer lovers among you! This beer cooler can also be commonly used for beverage storage.

It’s ideal for home and it fits in every horeca business (bars, B & B’s, yacht clubs, hotels, restaurants, and others) and in any other environment where you want to look good.

It’s suitable for free installation too.


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