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How to store open wine bottles?


How to store open wine bottles?

If you are wondering how best to store open wine, keep in mind that once the bottle is uncorked the wine will be exposed to oxidation.

This process inevitably causes variations in colour and aroma of the wine. In order to minimise the oxidation process, there are some very handy pressure stoppers on the market.

They first draw in air and then seal the bottle hermetically. It is not recommended to store open white wine bottles longer than 3 days, and it is advisable to store open sparkling wine bottles with hermetic stoppers to keep the bubbles bubbly. Note that these are only general guidelines and some quality wines retain their organoleptic properties much longer. How to keep open wine bottles without any special stopper?

Just close the bottles with its own cork. But we will tell you more. It is even possible to keep open wine bottles up to 30 days without any loss of taste. How? With Datron’s wine dispensers. The answer lies in the usage of nitrogen, widely used in the food industry and especially in the wine production. Nitrogen is an inert gas and heavier than air.

Once introduced into the bottle, it creates a layer between the wine and the outside environment that prevents oxygenation and, consequently, the oxidation of the wine.

Numerous laboratory tests have shown that in the so-called “enodispenser” the wine can be stored for up to one month without changing its organoleptic properties and without any alteration of its taste. With this method you can keep your wine for several weeks without any loss of quality. Thanks to a special hooking system, the bottles once opened, are not manipulated thus avoiding any type of contamination. The dosage is done by a simple “click”.


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