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Wine Bottles: What is the correct tilting to maintain?


Wine Bottles: What is the correct tilting to maintain?

(Choose the right answer!)

A. Upright position
B. Horizontal position
C. Both can be fine

The correct answer is C! Now we explain why. It is undisputed that the horizontal position to store wine bottles is optimal. In this way the wine remains constantly in contact with the cork, keeping it moist and elastic, and the bottle remains closed and sealed. If the wine bottle is stored exclusively upright, the cork could dry out, causing the entry of oxygen into the bottle, which would shorten the life of our wine. Some mistakenly believe, that the contact between wine and its cork can give the hateful “cork taint”, but in reality it is not so. If the cork is healthy, the contact with the wine will not cause any flavour damage. If instead the cork is already defective, the wine will get the unwanted cork taint even if the bottle was kept upright.

So when we talk about correct tilting, what does the upright position have to do with it? A recommendation may be to place the bottle vertically the day before consuming the wine, this is especially true for mature wines. To stay on the subject of wine vintages, it is advisable once the bottle is open, to decant the wine in a carafe or in a wine decanter and to wait a few hours before serving it. Once you have paid attention to the proper position of the bottle, remember also the correct storage temperature, which you can easily regulate in your wine cooler to preserve wine in an optimal way.


These wine storage tips are extremely useful, especially if you would like to enjoy fine wines in the best possible way.

So before you even taste the wine… make sure you have stored it correctly.

For the rest, follow your heart and your intuition!


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