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WINE COOLER: single or dual temperature zone?


Single or dual temperature zone?
If you don’t know which wine cooler to choose, we are happy to help!
First of all, it is important to know if the wine cooler is used for storage/aging or cooling your wines.
These are two different concepts.
If the wine is going to be consumed within a few weeks, an “aging” wine cooler is not essential.
A wine cooler with dual temperature zones instead would be recommended in this case.
On the contrary, if you are interested in storing/aging your wine collection,
you could opt for a single zone temperature wine cooler.
In the single zone wine cooler you can set one temperature.
The temperature range depends on the model.
In the dual zone wine fridge, the temperature in the upper area must always be lower than the temperature in the area underneath.
Let’s explain how it works: the cooling is done by a single compressor that cools the upper area.
The cold goes down in the lower area that changes the temperature through a heater.
THE UPPER AREA (for white wine) AND THE LOWER AREA (for red wine) SHOULD NOT EXCEED 5 ° C.
Please note:
Dual temperature zones: suitable for immediate wine consumption
Single temperature zone: suitable for long-term wine storage
Do you still have some questions about which wine cooler to choose?
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