For more than 25 years now DATRON GmbH has been producing wine refrigerators for the best international brands. The wine cooler with compressor is used both in the catering sector, as well as in private households. The wine can thus be stored for a medium or long period without suffering damage or loss of taste. Compressor supply is far more reliable than other refrigeration systems, ensuring a constant temperature in the wine cooler.

Compressor power supply guarantees a better stability of the temperature, which ranges from 5° C to a maximum of 22° C, lowering the outside temperature. The wine coolers with compressor are suitable for every type of built-in situation.
The compressor is the element that supplies energy to the system. This cooling technology works with the R600 refrigerant; a very environment- and ozone-friendly refrigerant gas. The Datron Wine Coolers have high-tech compressors, that minimize noise and reduce energy consumption.

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