Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles
Wine dispenser 4 bottles

Wine dispenser 4 bottles

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- 4 Bottles
- Double Temperature
- Meas. H.580 x W.475 x D.390 - kg. 40

VAT included



VAT included



VAT included



Datron Dispenser 4 wine bottles, Dual temperature zone

The dispenser with food nitrogen has been developed to preserve the taste of wine.

Wine speaks mainly through the stratification of its aromas, especially through its grape variety. The aromas are leading through the entire processing and maturation of wine. Perfumes and bouquet, however, have a short life and soon leave the bottle after its opening. As sensitive as they are, they degrade quickly when exposed to air and oxygen. The problem does not occur if the uncorked bottle is consumed within a few hours, or over the day.

And if the wine bottle is not consumed immediately? Then the aroma of the wine fades away within a very short time. Therefore, it is important to keep the organoleptic properties intact even after opening the wine bottle, and to preserve so a rich bouquet of nuances for everyone who pass near the full wine glass.

The Datron Wine Dispenser is designed to meet the needs of all wine lovers, and to preserve the taste of wine after its opening.

The Datron dispenser can be easily used thanks to the 4 stainless steel spouts, the 4 bottle fasteners and the digital display.

The wine can be dispensed manually by pressing a button, or automatically, you have 4 different dosages to choose from.

Only Datron is the specialist in professional wine dispensers.


  • For 4 bottles    
  • Tension: 220V/50Hz   
  • Electrical current: 4.8A   
  • Electrical power: 120W   
  • Cooling Compressor gas R134a   
  • Working temperature 7°-32° C 
  • External pressure gauge    
  • Wine regulation valve
  • Temperature regulation: 7-18° C    
  • The wine lasts for 30 days fresh as opened  
  • Gas tension after reduction: 0.05 ~ 0.09MPa
  • Enflate valve
  • Rechargeable cartridges
  • Nitrogen charges of 0.45 L
  • Maximum height Bottles 29.5 cm


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