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When wine finds new spaces at home: Shelving Units for Wine Coolers

It is becoming increasingly popular to enjoy a good bottle of wine in the comfort of your
home. During the quarantine, we have learned to deal with different situations, like the
aperitif in video chat with friends. Here then is that wine gains new spaces at home.
Wine bottles are no longer placed wherever, but new areas are designed for them,
where rituals and new habits are welcome.

Datron offers a wide range of free-standing and built-in wine coolers, but the real
product innovation is the Shelving Unit for Wine Coolers. The solution includes
functionality and design: everything it takes to enjoy a good glass of wine with taste
and design.
This new minimal and versatile furnishing idea can be loaded with wine coolers and
complementary accessories, to better preserve your wine bottles and enjoy them in
good company.

The Shelving Unit can contain three vertical wine coolers. An elegant design solution
to make optimal use of the available space without giving up your favourite wine bottles.
The wine coolers thus become pieces of art that are proudly presented. It is possible
to place Datron’s Shelving Unit in the kitchen or the living area. A versatile interior
design solution to create comfortable bar corners at home.

The design oft the treated iron structure with wooden shelves adapts to any furnishing
style, whether classic or modern. A special feature of the furniture is also its
personalization. The shelves can in fact be customized at will, adapting them according
to the chosen wine coolers, or the available space. It is also possible to integrate
elegant storage racks for hanging wine glasses. A practical and aesthetically appealing
solution to create an exclusive atmosphere.

So how do you like your new corner bar at home?
Here you can find all of our Custom Shelving Units for Wine Coolers>>>

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