Wine in the fridge? No thanks!

Wine in the fridge? No thanks!


OK, we know that in summer we are certainly more tempted to consume cool, sometimes even icy drinks from the fridge.

But when we talk about wine, an exception has to be made!


Heat irreparably compromises the taste characteristics of wine, especially excessive and very fast temperature increases are extremely harmful.
There’s nothing worse than putting the wine in the fridge, assuming to keep it “fresh”!


The temperatures in the fridge are often subject to large fluctuations and the odours emitted from the foods are likely to be transmitted to the drinks. The right precautions should be taken for correct wine storage.

For example, if the temperature of red wine raises too much the taste of alcohol prevails. On the contrary, if you lower the temperature of the same wine too much, the tannin will become glassy and sharp. Attention then to storage, if we do not want to endanger the quality of our wine reserves.

This is why it is important to use the wine cellar to keep our beloved wine in the best possible way.

Bottles must be loaded horizontally, so that the wine stays in contact with its cork, and creates so a natural humidity inside the wine cooler. The perforated shelves allow ventilation inside the cellar to create a continuous air circulation and consequently a uniform temperature.


The ideal wine storage temperature is between 10° C and 16° C and should be kept as stable as possible.
Even better would be a constant temperature between 14° C and 15° C.


These are only general indications, and we advise you to always check the information on the label in order to enjoy the wine at its best. In summary, we repeat: wine does not belong in a household fridge, unless you consume it in a day, for example at a dinner.


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