How to order wine at the restaurant

Ordering a bottle of wine at the restaurant can become a very stressful experience for less experienced wine connoisseurs. But don’t worry, we can help you with a few simple rules. Here are 5 tips to follow even if you are not a great wine expert but you still want to make a good impression!

1. Do not order wine before you’ve chosen what to eat, because it is a matter of pairing.
It makes no sense to order wine before the guests have decided on their dishes. Take a first look at the wine list if you want, but unnoticeable without making suggestions. You’re at the restaurant, why don’t you take 5 minutes more time to enjoy your dinner!

2. Glass or bottle?
This is where mathematics comes in. If at least three people want to drink the same wine, it is best to order a bottle.

3. Be inspired by unknown wines.
If a particularly unusual or exotic wine is suggested in the restaurant, it probably means that the wine goes very well with the cuisine offered in the restaurant. The fact that the wine is unusual and little known allows you to make all the questions you want about it without appearing incompetent.

4. The rule of choosing the second cheapest wine bottle.
Nobody wants to look like a cheapskate and most of the time, that’s why the cheapest bottle on the wine list never gets ordered. The second cheapest bottle, seems to be a good compromise between not having to spend a fortune and the desire to save face. Some restaurants can be very smart – they recognise that you don’t want to appear like a complete cheapskate, and tend to attribute at the second cheapest wine bottle a very high mark-up. In contrast, the cheapest bottle is often a good deal, so you should not be afraid to order it.

5. Take your time and try, after all you are in the restaurant.
Two things you should check: 1. The vintage – it often happens that the vintage of the served wine does not match the one on the wine list. 2. The tasting – check the look, the smell oft the wine and taste a little sip. The purpose of wine tasting is not to find out if you like it or not, you’ve already ordered it, but to ascertain the quality of the ordered wine, for example if the wine is corked. These tips will definitely help you to handle the order in the restaurant without any anxiety and much more relaxed.

Our advice to the restaurateurs:
Pay attention to a correct storage of wine!

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