Wine on shelves is ageing three times as fast!

Wine on shelves is ageing three times as fast!


Apoorly stored wine ages prematurely losing many of its organoleptic properties. If we want to present proudly our wine collection, we must be aware that wine in open shelves can quickly lose its quality.


The chemical age of wine stored at home on open shelves accelerates three times more than that of a properly preserved wine bottle. Keep in mind that wine stored on simple shelves, reaches a chemical age that corresponds to an ageing of two years under ideal conditions in a wine refrigerator.


During storage many chemical reactions occur, the speed of which is influenced not only by the temperature, but also by external environmental conditions. In fact, smells, vibrations and light can affect the state of the wine. Therefore, the factors that affect the quality of the wine depend not only on its consumption, but above all on its storage. Winegrowers, wine shops and distributors should check that their premises are suitable for an optimal storage of wine, and should weigh up in advance what the extreme storage conditions might be so as not to exceed them.


So you have no other choice than to keep wine in a suitable place!

That’s why Datron offers a wide range of professional wine refrigerators that are suitable not only for experts in the sector but also for wine lovers.


If you have a restaurant, then Datron’s Large Wine Refrigerator is the perfect choice. It is aimed especially at gastronomy professionals, a personalized product that can be operated independently according to your needs. The Datron Large Wine Refrigerator becomes an elegant and gorgeous showcase for your entire wine collection.


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